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Core info
License GPLv2
Extensions rom, ri, mx1, mx2, col, sg, sc

blueMSX is a MSX video game system emulator that can be used as a libretro core.


blueMSX is a cycle accurate emulator that emulates all generations of MSX computers as well as SVI, ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000.

Feature Support

These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.

Saves Save states Rewind Netplay Cheats Controllers API Rumble Sensors Camera Location Subsystem API


The libretro port of blueMSX requires the BIOS files from the full standalone package to be moved into the System\Machines folder to work.


This core has a few options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is highlighted and in italics:

  • bluemsx_msxtype (MSX/MSX2+/MSXturboR): Machine Type (Restart)
  • bluemsx_vdp_synctype (Auto/50Hz/60Hz): VDP Sync Type (Restart)
  • bluemsx_ym2413_enable (disabled/enabled): Sound YM2413 Enable (Restart)


Compatibility List/General Issues

Main article: [1]

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