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Core info
License GPLv3
Extensions sfc, smc, bml

bsnes-mercury is a Super Nintendo video game system emulator that can be used as a libretro core.


bsnes-mercury is a fork of bsnes aiming to restore some useful features that have been removed, as well as improving performance a bit. Maximum accuracy is still uncompromisable; anything that affects accuracy is optional and off by default.

Feature Support

These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.

Saves Save states Rewind Netplay Cheats Controllers API Rumble Sensors Camera Location Subsystem API


bsnes-mercury optionally supports using the following BIOS image file for operation:

  • (DSP1 DATA)
  • dsp1.program.rom (DSP1 PROGRAM)
  • (DSP1B DATA)
  • dsp1b.program.rom (DSP1B PROGRAM))
  • (DSP2 DATA)
  • dsp2.program.rom (DSP2 PROGRAM)
  • (DSP3 DATA)
  • dsp3.program.rom (DSP3 PROGRAM)
  • (DSP4 DATA)
  • dsp4.program.rom (DSP4 PROGRAM)
  • (Cx4 DATA)
  • (ST-0010 DATA)
  • st010.program.rom (ST-0010 PROGRAM)
  • (ST-0011 DATA)
  • st011.program.rom (ST-0011 PROGRAM)
  • (ST-0018 DATA)
  • st018.program.rom (ST-0018 PROGRAM)


This core has a few options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is highlighted and in italics:

  • bsnes_violate_accuracy (no/yes): Respect accuracy-impacting settings.
  • bsnes_chip_hle (LLE/HLE)(restart): Choose whether to use LLE (real BIOS) or HLE (emulated BIOS) for enhancement chips.
  • bsnes_superfx_overclock (100%/150%/200%/300%/400%/500%/1000%): Overclock the SuperFX chip.


The bsnes-mercury core supports six different controller settings:

  • SNES Joypad: Super Nintendo Controller
  • SNES Multitap: Super Nintendo Multitap
  • SNES Mouse: Super Nintendo Mouse
  • Super Scope: Super Scope Light Gun
  • Justifier: Justifier Light Gun
  • Justifiers: Justifier Light Guns
RetroPad SNES Joypad
Retro Dpad.png SNES Dpad.png
Retro Y Round.png SNES Y.png
Retro X Round.png SNES X.png
Retro B Round.png SNES B.png
Retro A Round.png SNES A.png
Retro L1.png SNES L.png
Retro R1.png SNES R.png
Retro R2.png
Retro R2.png
Retro Left Stick.png
Retro Right Stick.png
Retro L3.png
Retro R3.png
Retro Select.png SNES Select.png
Retro Start.png SNES Start.png
Pointer Devices
Mouse SNES Mouse SuperScope Justifiers
Retro Mouse.png 48px 48px 48px
Retro Left.png 48px 48px 48px
Retro Right.png 48px 48px 48px
Retro Right+Middle.png 48px 48px
Retro Left+Middle.png 48px 48px
Retro Left+Middle.png+Retro Left.png 48px 48px

Compatibility List/General Issues

Main article: [1]

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