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Core info
License Non-commercial
Extensions game

Dinothawr is a video game that can be used as a libretro core.


Dinothawr is a block pushing puzzle game on slippery surfaces. Our hero is a dinosaur whose friends are trapped in ice. Through puzzles it is your task to free the dinos from their ice prison.

Feature Support

These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.

Saves Save states Rewind Netplay Cheats Controllers API Rumble Sensors Camera Location Subsystem API


Dinothawr requires loading dinothawr.game as a game ROM to work.

  • dinothawr.game


This core has a few options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is highlighted and in italics:

  • dino_timer (enabled/disabled): Use timer as FPS reference.


The Dinothawr core supports one controller setting:

  • Joypad: Controller
RetroPad Joypad
Retro Dpad.png Controls
Retro Y Round.png Reset current level
Retro X Round.png
Retro B Round.png Switch between menu and game
Retro A Round.png Push blocks/Confirm
Retro L1.png
Retro R1.png
Retro R2.png
Retro R2.png
Retro Left Stick.png
Retro Right Stick.png
Retro L3.png
Retro R3.png
Retro Select.png
Retro Start.png

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