MAME 2000

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MAME 2000
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License MAME
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MAME 2000 is an arcade system emulator that can be used as a libretro core. MAME 2000 is based on MAME 0.37b5 with backported patches for performance and compatibility improvements. See also: MAME 2003, MAME 2010, MAME 2014, MAME 2016, and MAME.

Feature Support

These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.

Saves Save states Rewind Netplay Cheats Controllers API Rumble Sensors Camera Location Subsystem API



Compatibility List/General Issues


Cheats and High Score Features

The metadata files to enable cheats and full high score saving support can be found within the metadata folder of this core's github repository.

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