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Games with perceivable issues are listed.


  • The Rice and gln64 graphics plugin currently do not have mip-mapping implemented. Use Glide64 if you want this feature implemented. A graphics plugin not supporting mip-mapping can cause numerous graphics glitches in games. One example of this is Super Mario 64 where the entrance to the first Bowser stage shows a painting that shows either Bowser or Princess Peach depending on how far away you are from the painting. If the graphics plugin doesn't have mipmapping implemented, it will always show Bowser on the painting.
  • Some games do not support rumble, check if your game is in this list.
  • Certain MinGW toolchains are known to produce broken Windows builds, making some games like Conker's Bad Fur Day crash.

General Compatibility

These games are known to be problematic because of the actual emulator core. Some games for which there's no HLE emulated microcode are also listed here.

Banjo-Tooie Randomly crashes due imperfect CIC-6105 chip emulation. Still playable thanks to autosaving.
Donkey Kong 64 Geometry issues and gameplay-breaking level warp bugs triggered in-game when climbing vines.[1]Will need accurate RDRAM timings because the game was shipped in a bug-prone state.
Gauntlet Legends Graphics glitches. Flickering graphics and missing HUD. Will need CPU-RSP signals synchronization implemented.
Hey You, Pikachu! No input. Requires Voice Recognition Unit emulation.
Mario no Photopi Doesn't work. Needs CPU-RSP semaphore lock implemented.
Resident Evil 2/Biohazard 2 Needs cxd4 RSP plugin enabled.
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Needs specific HLE microcode implemented. Will need Z64 or Angrylion graphics plugin.
Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo Needs specific HLE microcode implemented. Will need Z64 or Angrylion graphics plugin.
Top Gear Rally Sound slows down framerate dramatically. Needs SP semaphore lock properly implemented.
World Driver Championship Needs specific HLE microcode implemented. Will need Z64 or Angrylion graphics plugin.

ARM Dynamic Recompiler Compatibility Issues

Blast Corps/Blast Dozer (ARM/Android/iOS/Blackbery) ARM dynarec issues prevent the game from working.
Donkey Kong 64 (ARM/Android/iOS/Blackberry) Broken collision detection and other serious issues.
Paper Mario (iOS) Crashes at the beginning cutscene. ARM iOS dynarec issues.
Perfect Dark (iOS) ARM iOS dynarec issues prevent the game from booting.

Glide64/gln64/Rice Issues

  • Rice and gln64 have too many issues to list. All of the issues listed below are assumed to be with Glide64 (in many cases, if listed here, expect it to be worse with Rice/gln64).
Body Harvest Performance issues, can't cross the first drawbridge (will need Z64 or Angrylion graphics plugin).
Extreme-G Graphics glitch. Wrong alpha depth compare effect at title screen.[2]
Killer Instinct Gold Graphics glitches. Background sky flickering in certain stages.[3]
Mario Golf Graphics glitches. Blue square tile appears in the upper left corner. [4]
Mario Tennis Graphics glitches.[5]
PilotWings 64 Graphics glitch. Player shadow doesn't get properly rendered and instead shows clipped frustum. Will need Angrylion graphics plugin.[6][7]
Pokemon Stadium 2 (Glide64) Graphics glitches. Black screen after starting a match.
Resident Evil 2/Biohazard 2 (Glide64) Graphics glitches. Depth buffer is not properly implemented, so polygon models get superimposed on top of background with no depth information applied.
Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Graphics glitch. Sun lens flare is not rendered properly. Will need Z64 or Angrylion graphics plugin.[8]
Vigilante 8 Graphics glitch. Missing menu elements, garbled graphics, missing textures.
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense Graphics glitch. Missing menu elements, garbled graphics, missing textures.[9]

External Links

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