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Core info
License MAME
Extensions bin,gen,smd,md,32x,cue,iso,sms

PicoDrive is a Sega 8/16 bit video game system emulator that can be used as a libretro core.


PicoDrive is an open-source Sega 8/16 bit and 32X emulator which was written having ARM-based handheld devices in mind. The critical parts (renderer, 68K and Z80 cpu interpreters) and some other random code is written in ARM asm, other code is C.

Feature Support

These are libretro features, not frontend or standalone emulator features.

Saves Save states Rewind Netplay Cheats Controllers API Rumble Sensors Camera Location Subsystem API


Genesis Plus GX requires a real BIOS for Sega CD/Mega CD emulation to work.

  • bios_CD_E.bin (MegaCD EU BIOS)
  • bios_CD_U.bin (SegaCD US BIOS)
  • bios_CD_J.bin (MegaCD JP BIOS)


This core has a few options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is highlighted and in italics:

  • picodrive_input1 (3 button pad/6 button pad/none): Choose which kind of controller is plugged in slot 1
  • picodrive_input2 (3 button pad/6 button pad/none): Choose which kind of controller is plugged in slot 2
  • picodrive_sprlim (disabled/enabled): Enable this to remove the sprite limit.
  • picodrive_ramcart (disabled/enabled): Emulate a MegaCD RAM cart.
  • picodrive_region (auto/Japan NTSC/Japan PAL/US/Europe): Force a specific region.
  • picodrive_drc (enabled/disabled): Use dynamic recompilers (not available on every hardware).

Compatibility List/General Issues

Main article for 32X issues: [1]


The PicoDrive core supports two different controller settings:

  • MD Joypad 3 Button
  • MD Joypad 6 Button
RetroPad MD Joypad 3 Button MD Joypad 6 Button
Retro Dpad.png MD Dpad MD Dpad
Retro Y Round.png MD A MD A
Retro X Round.png MD Y
Retro B Round.png MD B MD B
Retro A Round.png MD C MD C
Retro L1.png MD X
Retro R1.png MD Z
Retro R2.png
Retro R2.png
Retro Left Stick.png
Retro Right Stick.png
Retro L3.png
Retro R3.png
Retro Select.png MD Mode
Retro Start.png MD Start MD Start

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